• Logistics
    Logistics Management of finished goods
 and advanced supplier warehouses
  • Grouping-Distribution
    Grouping-Distribution For pallets and long products
  • Transport
    Transport Regionally, nationally and internationally


Regionally, we have experience in special transport such as kanban, just-in-time, milk-run or cross-docking…

Nationally, to complement our traditional businesses, we offer special transport, large volumes, cable carriers, tubes, tipper trucks and dump trucks, etc.

To ensure these types of transport in the best possible conditions, we renew our fleet of vehicles regularly.

VECATEL camion transport VECATEL maintenance camion transport

Furthermore, we anticipated the Euro5 standard by 3 years, representing 88% of our fleet. We have also decided to include a preventive maintenance workshop to keep our vehicles in perfect working order, adapt them easily to your needs and respond rapidly if necessary.