• Logistics
    Logistics Management of finished goods
 and advanced supplier warehouses
  • Grouping-Distribution
    Grouping-Distribution For pallets and long products
  • Transport
    Transport Regionally, nationally and internationally


Initially, VECATEL’s business started with moving and transporting new furniture. Our customers were private individuals and merchants who entrusted us with goods, which apart from their financial value, were unique to them.

From this trust and proximity, we have built our constant attention to service quality.

The company then turned towards the industrial sector, mainly in the automobile industry, where we cultivated our strict professionalism.

We developed our logistics services, including leading-edge technologies in information management and data transmission.

From 1959 to 1974
Messrs Gérard and Vermot-Desroches operate as individual professional transporters.

The company “GÉRARD ET VERMOT” is created.

Mr Gérard retires. The company becomes “TRANSPORTS VERMOT”.

SA VECATEL is created, as part of several transport and logistics projects.

The businesses of the two companies Vermot and Vecatel are merged into a single company: “TRANSPORTS VECATEL”.

Membership of the EVOLUTRANS network.

Acquisition of VET (Vermot Entrepôts Transports) in Bonnétage and Valentigney to meet additional development needs.

Merger of the two companies by takeover of VET by VECATEL.