• Logistics
    Logistics Management of finished goods
 and advanced supplier warehouses
  • Grouping-Distribution
    Grouping-Distribution For pallets and long products
  • Transport
    Transport Regionally, nationally and internationally

Recognised Organisational Management

We have decided to devote all our businesses to:

• lasting customer satisfaction
• Quality of Professional life within the company

• Respect for the Environment

• Economic performance 
to ensure the longevity of the company.

In the company, each person, whatever their job, must take account of this strategy.

To do so, each of our processes is assessed according to four key performance indicators:

• Customer satisfaction

• Internal operation

• Economic performance

• Regulatory compliance

Accurate data about the levels obtained for each indicator are communicated by means of regularly updated reviews.

Our sales policy focuses its efforts on perfect knowledge of the needs of the customer and does its best to place our service in the customer’s environment, so as to be proactive when necessary.

The Transport, Logistics and Distribution departments assess the risks involved in the business to be able to control them and ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality of professional life within the company is based on the duty of each employee to act independently, according to confirmed professional skills, as part of their missions and in respect of the values and attitudes specific to the company.

Respect for the environment is shown in targets and monitoring of our vehicles’ consumption. This willingness also dictates our investment decisions and in March 2012 led to the signing of a voluntary commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. This will be extended to all our other businesses so that in the medium term we may apply for environmental certification.

From our events log, a process of continuous improvement is piloted during monthly quality meetings. It takes account of the progress made in improvements undertaken. A plan of corrective measures is monitored and progress updated. An annual review of the system and its objectives is carried out during the Management Review.

Our Organisational Management System is a key element in our operating principle, which aims at combining:

• Customer satisfaction,
• Quality of professional life within the company,

• Respect for the environment,

• Economic performance.

VECATEL management